How To Get Involved

Whether you're an organization, retail company, or an individual, there are many ways you can get involved and help promote diversity in the outdoors. You can reach out to any of our coalition members for their expertise in marketing, storytelling, and advocacy. We encourage you to take advantage of our varied cultural perspectives and professional skills in the outdoors and digital world. 

Following are some additional ways to get involved:

  1. Donate to a non profit that empowers LGBTQ youth and youth of color to positively experience the outdoors (e.g. - Greening Youth Foundation, City Kids Wilderness Project, OUT There Adventures, Families of Color Monterey County)

  2. Support existing national conservation leadership within communities of color (e.g. - Green Muslims, Green Latinos, Outdoor Afro, Latino Outdoors, Hispanic Heritage Foundation)

  3. Support Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA owned outdoor businesses (e.g. - Natives Outdoors, Black Freedom Outfitters, Lost N Portland, Coral Cliffs)

  4. Write your favorite outdoor brands and ask them to diversify their marketing and brand ambassadors to include more people of color, LGBTQIA, body positivity, and other diverse communities

  5. Amplify a voice! Repost, share, and promote support and solidarity on social media for diverse outdoors enthusiasts and organizations

6.  Are you an outdoor retailer interested in diversifying your brand, marketing and consumer base? Here are a few simple ways to take the next step:

  • Hire LGBTQ models and athletes of color. Not sure how? Visit our Connect Page and hire a consultant.

  • Diversify your brand ambassadors.

  • If you have diverse brand ambassadors, make sure you include them consistently in your visual marketing efforts like videos, photos and other promotions.

  • Include people of color, LGBTQIA, women, varied body types and abilities in your ads. Ensure that your advertising is representative of real Americans and not just a select few.

  • Identify diverse social media influencers who can help you brand broaden your engagement and consumer base.

  • Prioritize diversity within your company from entry level staff to senior executives. Diversifying your hiring practices will allow you to connect with a rapidly diversifying demographic, increase market share and avoid embarrassing advertising gaffes.

  • Work with diverse ad agencies to craft consistent, inclusive, and dynamic ad campaigns.

  • Don’t know where to find any diverse adventure athletes? Check out our Get Connected page and hire a consultant.